Privacy Policy


Dear customer please read this informative note carefully as it provides information on how your personal data

Please pay due attention when reading it, bearing in mind that, the moment you enter your Personal Data on

this website and on the Punti di Vespa internet portals, i.e. when filling out registration forms or booking forms

or other contractual documents, you grant your consent to the processing within the limits and to the extent

necessary to establish and execute the aforementioned relationships and that by ticking the relative boxes,

you also grant your consent to further processing as indicated herein.

This Informative Note is issued in pursuance of D.lgs 196/2003 “Code for the protection of personal data. In

this Informative Note, the term "Personal Data" shall mean all information relating to an identified or identifiable

data subject that comes into contact with the Punti di Vespa S.r.l. websites and/or portals, with registered

office in Rome, Via Fara Sabina, 1. Sensible dates are all the information that is recorded and/or archived,

albeit temporarily, such as one’s full name, date and place of birth, residence or home address, credit card

numbers, employer’s name and location, employee identification number, landline telephone number and/or

mobile phone/fax, email address, numbers and data of personal identification documents (passport, identity

card, driving license, etc.); the term "Customer" shall mean any person, customer and/or potential customer

who accesses the Punti di Vespa S.r.l. portals and/or websites or however provide and/or acquire data and

information, for the implementation of any action whatsoever, including but not limited to: collecting of

information and/or registration with the website and/or requesting of services and/or registering with mailing

The Informative Note comprises the collection, processing and management of Personal Data by Punti di

Vespa S.r.l.; the discipline of the mandatory or optional consent of Customers concerning the processing of

Personal Data; the Customer's rights related to the processing of Personal Data; the retention of Personal

Data with reference to security systems, and the place of retention; the limitation of R Punti di Vespa S.r.l.’s

liability concerning the management and processing of Personal Data.

Collection of Personal data

Punti di Vespa S.r.l. collects personal data at the moment that Customers access to the portals and websites

and/or sign rental letters and/or tourist service bookings, fidelity card applications and/or, later on, within the

scope of the implementation and performance of contracts and relations with Punti di Vespa S.r.l. or its Partner

Punti di Vespa S.r.l. also collects data on behalf of the Partner companies for which it is responsible. The

collection of personal data can be carried out directly via the data input by the customer or through consumer

surveys and/or travel agents who make reservations on behalf of the customer and/or other websites,

including the extraction from documents in our possession relating to contractual relationships and/or

Personal Data may also be collected via “Cookies”, i.e. by means of exchange of information with the

Customer’s computer. When using this latter system, Punti di Vespa S.r.l. is able to recognise the Customer’s

computer each time it connects to the sites and track the movements from one page to another of the given

website. In some cases Personal Data is automatically cancelled after a short time, in other cases the

Personal Data is retained, but the Customer from his own computer can cancel the “Cookies”.

Processing of Personal Data

Punti di Vespa S.r.l. in accordance with the aforementioned regulatory Act and the confidentiality that this

Company’s activities give foremost importance to will process the collected Personal Data.

Personal Data may be communicated in whole or in part to third parties within Punti di Vespa S.r.l. and its

subsidiary or affiliated companies, to business partners of Punti di Vespa S.r.l., to licensor or licensee

company, to independent operating companies who have been assigned to relative services, depending on

their role within the contract management activities, including the activities necessary to minimise the risk of

insolvency and fraud, to enterprises operating in the transport and tourism sectors (e.g. hotels, airlines,

motorways, municipalities, etc.) to banks, finance companies, insurance companies, or management

companies of credit cards you indicated for the payment of the amounts due, and to third parties who have

submitted claims relating to violations of the current transportation laws and regulations.

Given that Punti di Vespa S.r.l. is a member of an international circuit of enterprises, the Personal Data

collected may also be communicated abroad, in particular following specific requests from Customers for

services or regarding foreign countries, or if services are actually provided in foreign countries or the beginning

or end of a rental service or tourist package in a foreign country.

Purpose and Consent for the processing of Personal Data

Consent for the processing of Personal Data is mandatory or optional.

Conferral and consent to the processing of Personal Data under this Informative Note is compulsory within the

scope of that necessary to supply the services and products requested and all relationships that arise pursuant

to such services and products and/or related to the same. Refusal to confer or grant consent for such

processing, including that of any other drivers, will make it impossible for Punti di Vespa S.r.l. to make

bookings, implement the contracts and provide the requested services and products. Compulsory consent is

provided as seen above when users enter Personal Data on any Re Punti di Vespa S.r.l. portal or website,

including the completing of the individual forms for the various services provided by Punti di Vespa S.r.l..

From time to time, it is our intention to send our customers information material, mailings, invitations to events,

information on promotional campaigns also provided in collaboration with other companies operating in the

business or tourism travel sectors, and send out questionnaires to collect customer opinions on issues related

to mobility, the quality of our services, level of consumer satisfaction in order to improve customer

relationships by providing continuously better services. Consent to this kind of processing is optional and will

be requested when the Customer completes the relative application form and/or documents, the moment the

Personal Data fields are filled in. You are therefore requested to tick the relative box on the consent form.

Punti di Vespa S.r.l. may also obtain and collect Personal Data from outsiders, on the condition the Customers

of the same have granted their consent for such types of communications, and coordinate this information with

On fulfilment of the art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the Customer has the right to obtain

confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded and their

communication in intelligible form.

You have the right to obtain the indication of:

a) the origin of personal data;

b) the purposes and methods of treatment;

c) the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means ;

d) the identity of the owner, manager and the representative appointed under article 5, paragraph 2;

e) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can

learn about them as appointed representative in the State , managers or agents .

The customer has the right to:

a) updating, rectification , integration of the data reported;

b) deletion from the mailing list by sending an email to

Retention and Security of Personal Data

Personal Data, collected as illustrated above, are logged into the database or main server of Punti di Vespa

S.r.l. which has a computer IT security system based on selective access codes and all inputs are closely

monitored at all times. The Data Controller in charge of your personal data is Punti di Vespa S.r.l. Via Fara

Punti di Vespa S.r.l. Liability limits

According to what foreseen by the general rental conditions, the general user conditions of the website, and on the basis of the content of the Declaration of Consent to the processing

of Personal Data, Punti di Vespa S.r.l. is not liable for any damages incurred by the Customer and related to

any processing of Personal Data, even if performed using different methods than those indicated in this IN,

except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence.